Tel Aviv's Top Mid-range Restaurants

You don't have to pay a lot of money in order to enjoy the city's known culinary scene. The following list consists of (Relatively speaking!) inexpensive restaurants- all are recommended, tasty and well-known by locals and tourist alike.

1. Ha’Achim

Feel like a part of the family at Ha’achim (“the brothers”), a trendy spot known for its buffet-style weekend brunch with endless rows of traditional local salads, homemade jams, fresh-­from-­the-­oven breads, and shakshuka. Ha’achim is so lively and friendly its like dining in the welcoming home of a Tel Aviv local. Much more than a hummus joint, Ha’Achim also offers chef specials and grilled meat and fish.

2. Beit Kandinof

Try to imagine a table filled with beautiful, colorful dishes from surrounding markets, perfect drinks and all of this in a historical Jaffa building, where upon it’s walls there are ever-changing exhibitions from the best of Tel Aviv’s contemporary art scene.

The chefs, Yogev Yaros and Shami Golomb have created a menu that brings together Mediterranean cuisine with unique Jaffa touches while focusing on bringing the best and the freshest products that Israel has to offer. 

3. The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man is as classic as Hemingway's novel. This Sea food Arabic restaurant is located in Kedem St., in southern Jaffa. There is another branch on Jaffa Port, but I think that the original on Kedem St is superior. Get ready for lots of food!

4. Night Kitchen

Located just south of Rothschild Avenue in a beautiful 1920’s era building, Night Kitchen is almost always packed with happy customers. The rustic array of pots and pans above the full bar and old kitchen utensils all over the wall inspire both a majestic and down-to-earth cottage feel. In addition to a regular menu they also have a sharing option, both of which are creative and delicious.

5. Meshek Barzilai

With the reputation of vegan capital of the Middle East to live up to, Tel Aviv definitely does not disappoint with Meshek Barzilai. This farm-to-table restaurant has been satisfying customers with delicious organic food for over 15 years. Enjoy your food in their indoor dining space, their glass-covered patio or their garden terrace, all of which look over the beautiful Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

6. Moon

If you’re looking for a lot of diff