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Jerusalem's Best Restaurants

The city of Jerusalem is a melting pot of different types of cuisines. The city's cuisine is influenced by different communities and elements- the need to observe the Kosher-Jewish law (in most cases), the Palestinian cuisine, the Jewish Eastern-European tradition and much more. All of that turned Jerusalem into the "Mecca" for food lovers.

1. Anna- Located in the beautiful 200 year old Anna Ticho house, this restaurant is run by the talented Chef Guy Harpaz who really knows how to make a customer want to return. Handmade pizzas and pastas, fresh fish and the best seasonal ingredients all come together for a memorable meal.  Much more than just a delicious Italian restaurant, Anna is also a social business that paired up with the Dualis foundation and the Jerusalem municipality to start a program that employs at-risk youth.

2. MachneYuda- With three Jerusalem chefs running the show, this heaven for foodies offers a changing market-to-table menu with all ingredients sourced from the nearby Machne Yehuda Market. The open kitchen gives you a front seat to the action, and the lively, spirited vibes are like no other. This restaurant was the inspiration for two of the most-talked about restaurants in London, The Palomar and The Barbary.  

3. Mona- This unique restaurant is an elegant and relaxed Chef Bistro nestled in a beautiful stone house in the heart of Jerusalem. To make matters more visually exciting, Mona has a working fireplace and a tree growing right through the indoor section of the restaurant! The menu is diverse, offering traditional salads, steaks, soups and handmade pastas  – but the main event is the generous bar. 

4. Chakra- Chakra is another fabulous Jerusalem restaurant that showcases an Italian-inspired menu with a global influence and an extensive seafood selection. The menu is varied and eclectic, and includes dishes like beetroot tortellini in Parmesan butter, kebabs with tahini and fire-roasted vegetables, and gnocchi with lamb and beef-butter sauce. In addition, a rich bar including the best of Israeli wines and a large selection of internationally renowned names rounds out the culinary experience. 

5. Angelica- Boasting an impressive menu of kosher Euro-Mediterranean dishes, Angelica is the brainchild of two top-flight Jerusalem chefs, Erez Margi and Marcus Gershkowitz, both of whom have distinguished themselves previously at restaurants in New York City and San Francisco. The desserts are among the city's finest, as is the inviting decor and ambiance.

6. Talbiye- Set apart in a delightful neighborhood, away from the frantic tourist-heavy scenes, Talbiye is complimented by its equally far-from-touristy array of interesting visitors. Designed to enrich your evening, the food is creative and the prices are fair. While only two types of draft beer are on the menu, the wine list is far from boring. Delicious bread, oil, and balsamic vinegar will accompany your food and while the portions may be small, the quality of this food is almost unparalleled. 

7. Adom- Adom restaurant in Jerusalem first opened its doors in April 2001 and rapidly became known for its fine cuisine, elegant and vast wine menu and wonderful atmosphere. It is located at the First Train Station compound, a cultural and entertainment complex built on the foundations of Jerusalem’s old train station. On a warm evening, you can sit outdoors on the old train platform at the entrance to the restaurant, overlooking this remarkable historic complex.

8. Mamilla- Arguably one of Jerusalem's finest restaurants, Mamilla is located on the rooftop of the luxurious Mamilla Hotel. The outdoor lounge boasts a truly magical view of the Old City and the menu offers mouthwatering dishes like fresh handmade pastas, grouper shwarma, and a multitude of vegetables made from the best produce of the season. Mamila is certified kosher, making it a great place to go for those who observe. 

9. Azura- With slow-cooked comfort food and a homey ambiance, this Turkish-influenced kosher restaurant off Rehov HaEshkol St near Mahane Yehuda Market is one of Jerusalem's most loved eateries. The fragrance of goulash and meatballs is enough to set stomachs rumbling, while the signature dish – aubergine stuffed with cinnamon-scented minced beef and pine nuts – is peppery, filling and served at lightning speed.

10. DKL- Assaf Seri and Oren Asido, renowned chefs and owners of this fantastic restaurant, were both participants in the reality show “Game of Chefs”, with Asido even taking first place in season three.  They create small dishes made from raw materials indicative of Jerusalem and the Machane Yehuda Market: fresh vegetables, breads, lamb, yogurt, and pickled fish. Its pleasant and easygoing atmosphere appeals to both Israelis and tourists in a wide range of ages, looking for an up-to-date but still authentic Jerusalem place to sit with a drink and a delicious dish.


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