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Meet Our Team

With a wide range of expertise, backgrounds, and unique personalities, our guides are ready to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you seek historical insights, adventure-filled escapades, or cultural immersions, we will match you with the perfect guide to create an unforgettable journey tailored just for you. Each one of our team members was carefully hand-picked by Aviv himself. 

For more information on our recommended tours, our tour guides or to create a tailored tour based on your areas of interest, please contact us.

*This list is just a small taste - our full list of guides comprises more than 30 experienced guides, each with unique talents and passions!



Tal was born and raised in Jerusalem and lived in the U.S. for years. After years of traveling around the world, he discovered that his big passion is his home- Israel.


Tal led and guided groups throughout the country, telling its stories and sharing its vivid colors with people visiting from around the world. 



Shira was born and raised in Jerusalem. She guides groups and individuals both in her hometown and all over the country. Shira says that guiding for her is a huge privilege, as it enables her to share the wonders of Israel with people from all over the world.



Yoav has been traveling all around the Land of Israel for years. He's always in search for new secrets to uncover. His specialties are Biblical and historical tours, culinary and urban tours, working on group dynamics, and most importantly - interacting with people.



Yuval has a strong Jewish background, a passion for history and  a love for nature. He was born and raised in a small hilltop community in Lower Galilee.


Yuval's power of description and storytelling ability will bring the history of the Holy Land to life for you.



Ori is a person with a never-ending curiosity surrounding many fields and subjects, and with a great love for different cultures, people, and places.


  On his tours, Ori combines the past and present through the sites, stories, people, sounds, and tastes in order to open a cultural window to the land and its people. 




Tanya was born and raised in Jerusalem. She served for two years as a Humvee (Hummer) commander in the IDF. 

Tanya has been a tour guide now for nine years, specializing in Jerusalem and its surrounding.

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Ido was born in Israel and raised in the countryside, spending his youth along with the orchards and between the hills.​

Ido served for five years in the IDF and still serving as a captain in the Special Forces reserve troops. In 2013 he received his "Certified tour guide" certification from the Ministry of Tourism. 

Ido is specializing in history, desert cultures and Geopolitics of the Middle East. 

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On tour with Shlomit you’ll be exposed to the uniqueness that is Israel and Jerusalem. With a B.A in History from the Hebrew University Shlomit presents a comparative approach to the cultures and religions that have left their mark on civilization.


As an experienced guide with a deep knowledge of Judaism, Shlomit will spice your encounter with many interesting and sometimes contradictory stories of people and places, tastes and sounds, that makeup her homeland, Israel.



Gill was born and raised in Israel and have been a tour guide since 2006, guiding a wide variety of groups including synagogues, churches, interfaith groups, businesses, schools and individuals. 

Gill's favorite aspect of guiding is the feeling of walking through history. He loves to see and feel the stories from the Bible and modern times come to life in the streets of Jerusalem and all over the country.

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