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My bucket list trip to Israel was made unforgettable because of Aviv.
He is wonderful! He is a wealth of knowledge and a born teacher. He engages with his tour and keeps everyone excited and ready to discover the next wonderful thing! He is well versed in the geography, history, cultural history, archaeology, current events and how they impact our understanding of the many wonderful sites visited on his tours.
Best guide out there!

(Helene M, 12/3/20)


A friend recommended Aviv as a tour guide in Jerusalem, and I am thrilled that they did. Aviv is both knowledgeable and personable making his tours interesting and fun! We covered a lot of ground in 4 hours including a solid overview of all the quarters of the Old City. We fired off lots of questions and Aviv had an insightful answer to all of them. We also liked the fact that he discovered his passion for Jerusalem while being stationed there during his military commitment. This job isn't something he fell into, he sought it out and his passion for this complicated city is obvious in his enthusiasm to share the city with others.
Highly recommend Aviv for a memorable Jerusalem tour!



(Pokey Cb, 19/8/18)


Aviv proved to be an extraordinary person. His incredible knowledge and insight of archeology, history customs, theology and geography of Israel made the tour an unforgettable experience. .Aviv's presentation proved to me that he was passionate about introducing Israel to people and it was not just a job. His passion and ability has produced substantial changes in my life. My wife and I wish to return to Israel and learn more. I have also learned a substantial amount for thought and future practice about tolerance,


(Steven S Dulin,  25/2/20)

Aviv has a vast knowledge of the geography, history, archaeology, customs and ideologies of the region. He is incredibly personable, thoughtful and truly connects with those in his care. He takes the time to know his audience and speaks to what is important to them. He has many connections and is very obviously respected by his peers and those with whom he works. He demeanor reflects confidence, care and thoughtfulness. He made our trip individually personal and opened our minds to see more than we could have seen otherwise. Our trip was so much more than we expected because of Aviv.

(Denise M, 20/2/20)



Aviv was a great tour guide. He was highly recommended by a friend and did not disappoint. His communication was EXCELLENT and always followed up with us to make sure everything was going well. Also, made a new friend from the experience. Would recommend Aviv to my friends and family when visiting Israel.

(Brad S, 20/7/23)

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