I travel a lot and have had numerous guides over the years around the world, but Aviv blew them all away. From the very start of our week-long trip through Israel Aviv took the time to get to know everyone; where we're from, why we're visiting, what our interests are. It was never about just telling us what to expect on the trip and taking us from place to place. He has such a deep-rooted knowledge of Israel and the Middle East, past and present, and excels at delivering what he knows about the people and places you'll see with him in a manner that is both engaging and passionate. Aviv is a talented story-teller and all his historical accounts of the attractions we visited felt like we were stepping back in time. All throughout he weaved in some personal anecdotes, whether good, bad, or ugly...and at times we also laughed. It felt like I was an out-of-town guest visiting an old friend. There was no script being followed. To me, this is the difference between a good tour guide and a GREAT tour guide. And Aviv is the best.

(Shari Wyler, 12/1/18)


A friend recommended Aviv as a tour guide in Jerusalem, and I am thrilled that they did. Aviv is both knowledgeable and personable making his tours interesting and fun! We covered a lot of ground in 4 hours including a solid overview of all the quarters of the Old City. We fired off lots of questions and Aviv had an insightful answer to all of them. We also liked the fact that he discovered his passion for Jerusalem while being stationed there during his military commitment. This job isn't something he fell into, he sought it out and his passion for this complicated city is obvious in his enthusiasm to share the city with others.
Highly recommend Aviv for a memorable Jerusalem tour!



(Pokey Cb, 19/8/18)

Aviv was an amazing tour guide who knew so much information about every single site we visited. We were visiting Israel on a family trip with 18 people, all different ages. He guided us for 2 days: on the first day we went to Caesarea, Haifa, and Akko, and on the second day we went to Masada and the Dead Sea. He was super flexible with the schedule and we had an awesome time with Aviv! Highly recommend!


(Ashely Goz, 13/8/18)

We absolutely loved our time with Aviv, and despite the fact that we were only with him for one day, we would absolutely use him again for longer. He was engaging, interesting, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, relatable, funny, and a true mensch. Our teenage boys, my husband and I loved him. 

I can see why he only has Excellent ratings on Trip Advisor. He is everything you read, and more!

(Jo-Jo, 19/9/18)

I traveled with Aviv for one week on a group tour through Israel & Palestine. He was one of the best tour guides I ever traveled with: very open-minded, friendly & considerate, humorous, open for any questions and gave us great recommendations for exploring places on our own. He made us feel at home and opened up this country for us, giving us insights into everyday life. Aviv has great knowledge of the history of the middle east, all big world religions, and their interactions as well as the important religious and historic sights & places of Israel and Palestine. If you are interested in the interaction and live together between Arabs and Jews in this country, he is the best guide you can get, for he is very open-minded and can connect you with Palestinians as well.


(Patrizia I, 10/9/18)

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