Aviv Herzlich

Owner of Aviv Tours Israel

After my three year military service I decided to leave my hometown of Tel Aviv and head up to the hills of Jerusalem - to its people, secrets, and nuances that only those who live in the city can fully understand. 


I have come to know Jerusalem from the inside out. I have wandered her streets for hours. I know all her neighborhoods from East Jerusalem to 'Meah Shearim', her churches, synagogues and mosques. I know the best spots to drink coffee, bargain in the marketplace and truly feel the heartbeat of the city. 


My professional life as a guide began when I lead soldiers and youth in Jerusalem as part of my obligatory military service. In 2013, I completed my studies as a professional tour guide and have worked in the field ever since.


In addition to my background as a tour guide, I have a BA in Geography, History, and Humanities with a focus on religions and archaeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2018 completed my MA in 'Israel Studies' from the University of Haifa. In 2016 I completed a specialized course on Christianity through the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.


Over the past decade I have guided numerous organizations including the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Nature and Parks Authority, Facebook, Intel, Amazon and the American military. In addition, I have led hundreds of private tours for individuals, groups, companies and families from both Israel and abroad. 


I am continually inspired by the people I guide and love sharing 

the endless discoveries of this ancient, beautiful land and her people.