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Tours for Business Guests

Having out of town work associates come to your home country for business is an exciting moment for a company. You’ll spend weeks preparing the presentations and data to wow them with your progress, but what hospitality will you show them outside the office?

No successful international business trip is complete without a tour of the host country, and this holds twice as true when that country is Israel. With a landscape so beautiful and an undeniably fascinating history, it would almost be a crime not to show her off. Arranging a tour for your guests can only strengthen your relationship with them as it communicates that you’re interested in more than just business. Providing the tour is fantastic - and ours always are - your guests will walk away happy and impressed, appreciative of the effort you made for them.


With so many services and categories of trips to choose from, Aviv Tours is the perfect company for your guests’ needs. We provide whatever luxury transportation you might want, including busses, cars, and taxis, and employ only the best guides that know of the most delicious restaurants. We also offer both traditional itineraries and exciting variations like helicopter rides, kibbutz visits, and meetings with influential people and politicians. 

By choosing Aviv Tours you automatically indulge your guests by affording them the crème de la crème of tour guides.

Aviv has been working in the industry for over 13 years and specializing in private tours since 2013. Need proof of our expertise? Our track record speaks for itself. In the last 3 years, Aviv has personally guided several celebrity clients including Jeremi Gorman, Snapchat’s chief business officer, and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

Using our services is both fast and easy as we take care of everything from A to Z. It starts with a preliminary phone call where you lay out the places you want your clients to see and the experiences you want them to have. From there we create an exciting itinerary and send it back to you for approval. Once the trip begins you can breathe easy, knowing that we’re taking care of your clients exactly the way you asked (if not better!).

So, what better way to pamper a guest than by sending on the trip of a lifetime?


Don’t forget that the more they fall in love with Israel, which they undoubtedly will, they’ll be more inclined to come back again and again, strengthening your relationship and expanding your business. 

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