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Tel Aviv's Best Fine Dining Restaurants

The following list wasn't easy to make because this city is just OVERFLOWING with amazing eateries. Talk about choice overload! From award-winning restaurants to neighborhood hole-in-the-wall cafes, one can find literally any and every type of cuisine in Tel Aviv. Below are some carefully (and painfully!) chosen places for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Tel-Aviv's best restaurants

Located in the lobby of the boutique Mendeli Street hotel, customers come to Mashya over and over again to enjoy delicious contemporary food with the perfect Moroccan touch. The Mashya experience is pleasing not only to your taste buds but to your eyes as well; the restaurant is both beautifully lit and dramatically decorated with luscious live greenery.    

For an enchanting dining experience in a classic spot that never goes out of style, we highly recommend Dallal. This restaurant is located in the pastoral Neve Tzedek neighborhood and offers a generous breakfast up until 12:00 PM followed by generous lunch and dinner menus for later in the day. For those on the go, all of the delicious Dallal baked goods are also sold in their bakery right next door. 

Located atop the Tel Aviv Port, the views from this restaurant are simply stunning. To make matters way, way better, every dish at Kitchen Market is deliciously fresh as they use produce from both the market directly below and nearby Moshav Netaim. 

Chef Sharon Cohen has been running this delicious kitchen and bar for years and once you eat there you'll understand why his customers keep coming back. The menu is both delicious and creative, and the atmosphere is really warm and welcoming. Shila is a definite must for seafood lovers and adventurous eaters alike. 

5. Santa Katarina This charming spot behind The Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv serves up ethnic cooking with the best local ingredients and spices Tel Aviv has to offer. Santa Katarina's  bold menu has customers returning again and again to delight in everything that comes out of the restaurant’s tabun (clay) oven.

Built into a renovated Templar distillery from the 1860's, Claro is a lively and popular restaurant and bar. The extensive menu consists of homemade pastas, fish and seafood, and the culinary fusion crafted by chef Ran Shmueli utilizes spices from places as far as Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon.

Ever since its grand opening in 2013 Taizu has been the place to go for amazing and innovative Asian fusion. The vibe is young and exciting and the flavors are luscious. Highly recommended for adventurous eaters or anyone who loves a good cocktail

8. Mapu

Though Chef Nir Zook's restaurant is very much your classic upscale and impressive establishment, they makes sure not to take themselves too seriously. Their self proclaimed motto "fun + fine dining" is right on point, and that's the exact experience you'll get when eating there. Mapu is also kosher for those that observe and has many vegetarian and vegan options. 

This fantastic restaurant by Chef Eyal Shani truly exemplifies the Tel Aviv vibe everyone loves: it's both fun and lively and gloriously nonchalant all at the same time (there are no plates - all the food is served on paper tablecloths!). To make matters even more interesting the menu changes daily but amazing tastes never waiver.

For another fantastic kosher option we highly recommend West Side, located in the elegant Royal Beach hotel. While the food is fantastic and the views breathtaking, our favorite thing about this restaurant is the irresistible desserts created by acclaimed pastry chef Anat Alon. Not to be missed!

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