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Israel's Best Beaches

The Mediterranean

1. Nitzanim beach- located between Ashkelon and Ashdod, is one of the most unique beaches in Israel. It is clean, expansive, and features nearly 20 kilometers of sand dunes on which you can take your ATV! The area also has a natural lake featuring calmer waters when Mediterranean waves get too choppy.

2. Palmachim beach-Rishon-Lezion- is not the biggest beach nor does it have any facilities beyond a lifeguard, a few sun shelters and public toilets, however what it lacks in facilities it makes up for with unparalleled beauty. With stunning low cliffs to the south and picturesque views of Tel Aviv to the north, Palmachim Beach is a secluded escape close to it all. Pack a picnic and enjoy a stunning sunset accompanied by the serenity of this magical spot.  

3. Ajami beach- Jaffa- The Ajami Beach neighborhood just south of Old Jaffa is a charming escape from Tel Aviv. The stairway-alleys leading down to the beach offers visitors a historic view of a now-modern beach community. To complete your journey at Ajami Beach, be sure to stop by the famous Abu-Hassan restaurant for some unbelievable hummus guaranteed to give you the energy to keep exploring. 

4. Hilton beach- Tel-Aviv- Along with the gay scene, Hilton Beach has also captured the niche water-sports market. The Sea Center Club offers windsurfing and kayaking classes, with special lessons for beginners and children. With a host of restaurants offering varied beach food, Hilton beach is perfect for a day or nighttime chill-out, summer or winter.

5. Alma beach-Tel-Aviv-With spectacular views across the water to Jaffa, this beach takes the title for Tel Aviv's coolest stretch of sand thanks to the city's hipsters who hang out with their Goldstar beers on Shabbat. It's also home to the hugely popular Manta Ray restaurant and is the place to pick if you want to round out your sunbathing with some great seafood.

6. Frishman beach- Tel-Aviv- Frishman Beach is perhaps the widest stretch of sand in Tel Aviv. There's plenty of space on the sand and good access to the swimming area. It's located in front of the rainbow-colored Dan Hotel building and has large wooden gazebos for shade.

7. Metzizim Beach- Named after a 1972 comedy film, Hof Metzitzim (which, uncharacteristic of the beach itself, translates as the sleazy "Peeping Tom Beach") is actually a family-friendly Tel Aviv beach with a small play area for children. It also hosts Friday afternoon beach parties during summer.

8. Bet- Yannai beach- north of Tel-Aviv- is considered by many to be one of Israel’s very best beaches. It’s a big hit with those prepared to travel out of Tel Aviv (about 25 minutes), and also with those who love to kite surf. Beit Yannai is usually quiet and kept very clean, probably due to the fact that it’s run by the Israel Parks and Nature Authority. There are good facilities, including showers and restaurants, for those looking to camp overnight.

9. Jizr a- Zarqa beach- North of Tel-Aviv, next to Caesarea the only seaside Arab village in Israel, is usually crowded with families and the strong smells of afternoon barbecues. It’s a great place to lie back in the soft sand, enjoy the town’s festive atmosphere and eat freshly caught fish at Musa’s Restaurant. Adjacent to the beach is a town you can stroll through, explore, and interact with friendly locals who are likely to offer you a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

10. Dead Sea- Biankini beach


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