Jerusalem's Best Hotels

This list consists of Jerusalem's finest and best-known hotels. All of them are located within a short walking distance from Jerusalem's old city and other historic and sacred sites.

This specific list only has high-end hotels so if you are looking for a more affordable options, please contact us and we will match the prefect hotel for your needs and budget.

1. The King David Hotel

The King David Jerusalem Hotel is one of the “Leading Hotels in the World,” universally acknowledged as one of the most famous Jerusalem's hotels.

The hotel was built in 1929 by a Jewish-Egyptian family and since than has maintained the highest level of luxury, service and atmosphere. The hotel has hosted international leaders and celebrities, (American presidents, Kings and more) and takes pride in treating guests like royalty. The hotel is just a 10-minute walk from the Old City,

2. David Citadel

This luxury 5 star hotel is located within a short walking distance from the Old City, Jaffa Gate and the Mamilla Avenue. The hotel is known for its impressive architecture and design-The building is a dialogue between Israel's most famous architect, Moshe Safdie, and one of today's most known interior designers, the Italian Piero Lissoni. In each part of the building you sense these two modern designers responding to each other, and to the masterpiece that is Jerusalem.

3. The Mamilla Hotel

The Mamilla Hotel sits at the crossroad of the old and new parts of the city, right by the gateway to the historic Mamilla Avenue, within a short walki