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Tel Aviv's Best Hotels

The following list consists of Tel-Aviv's finest and best-known boutique hotels. All of the hotels in this list are unique, boutique-style and well located. You will not find in this list 'standard' hotels as I tried to create a more 'sophisticated' list.

Please note!

This specific list only has high-end and boutique hotels. If you are looking for a more affordable options, please contact us and we will match the prefect hotel for your needs and budget.

1. The Norman

The Norman lies in the heart of the White City; Tel Aviv’s world-famous UNESCO heritage site of historic Bauhaus architecture buildings. The hotel is perfectly situated next to Rothschild Boulevard and other cultural attractions such as the Neve-Tzedek artistic district. Don't miss the hotel's restaurant; 'Alena'- Among the finest restaurants in Tel Aviv.

2. The Jaffa

The transformation of Jaffa, from a sleepy suburb of Tel-Aviv into a Hotspot of luxury is so dramatic and fascinating that it even got to the N.Y Times .

This brand new hotel was built in an old 19th century France-Catholic hospital. The developers were smart enough to preserve the old-charming European atmosphere. The hotel is located at the heart of Jaffa's old city- next to the port, St. Peter church, Flee market and more. It's a 15- minutes taxi ride from Tel-Aviv's city center.

3. The Satei

Always wanted to stay in an old prison? well, now you can!

The Satei Tel-Aviv is located right by the Jaffa's iconic clock tower. The building was built as a Crusader's fortress and was used as an Ottoman, British and Israeli prison. The hotel is located at the western entrance to Jaffa- right by the beach, old city and many more attractions. Don't miss it's amazing roof-top pool!

4. The Drisco

Set in 2 adjacent historical buildings in Tel Aviv, The Drisco boutique hotel is a lovely choice for your Tel-Aviv portion of the trip. The hotel is named in homage to two American brothers who founded the 1866 landmark hotel space.

The hotel is situated in the American Colony, a small but standout area with New England-style residences of the late 19th century. The hotel is just few steps from the trendy Noga neighborhood which has a few edgy boutiques and cafés and only 5 minutes to Neve Tzedek district, the beach, Jaffa and Florentin districrt,

5. Hotel Montefiore

Do you like to feel the heart beat of the city? if the answer is "Yes"- that's the place for you. Hotel Montefiore is a restored, 12-room boutique hotel & award-winning restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv. The property was built in 1922, as an Eclectic architecture-style private residence in the historic city center and was reopened as an hotel in 2008 after a few year renovation.

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