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Sea of Galilee

Tour Highlight



This city was Jesu's hub during his ministry in the Galilee- enjoy the ancient synagogue, the remains of the 1st century, Peter's house and more. 

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This brand new archeological site which was dated to the 1st century has become a 'must' stop on every trip to the lake.

Image by Dave Herring

Boat ride

Enjoy a peaceful boat ride in the lake which means so much for so many.

Sea of Galilee 

The Sea of Galilee is the hub of Jesus's ministry. Most of Jesu's activity was concentrated on the Northside of the lake and therefore, most of the key sites in the area are stretched from Magdala on the west to Bethsaida on the east. This area is widely known as the 'Evangelical Triangle'.  

Our tour will start in 'Mount of Beatitudes', the traditional site of Jesus's ‘Sermon on the Mount', overlooking the Sea of Galilee, where will discuss the geographical features of the lake and its history.


Later on, we will visit Capernaum, known in the gospels as the 'Hometown of Jesus'. This site has been excavated for over a century and yielded amazing finds such as an ancient synagogue and the house of Peter the apostle. 

Following Capernaum, we will visit Tabgha, the believed location of the 'Feeding of the Multitudes' and the site of a modern church built on the remains of a fifth-century church with one of Israel's most impressive ancient mosaic floors.

Our last site for the day will be Magdala, the hometown of Mary Magdalene and an important first-century city which was recently excavated and yielded significant finds. To conclude our day, we can enjoy a peaceful boat ride and a tasty fresh-fish meal!  


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