Lower Galilee 

This tour includes Cana of Galilee; one of the most traditionally essential sites in Christianity and noted as the place where Jesus miraculously turned water into wine. Not far away is the city of Nazareth, the town of the Annunciation where Jesus spent his childhood. No longer the pastoral village of biblical times, it’s a bustling city with a vibrant Arab culture and is quickly becoming a destination for foodies. Included on the tour is a stop at Tzipori, a Jewish-Roman city with an impressive mosaic floor that includes the famous face dubbed the ‘Mona Lisa of the North’. 

Tour Highlight


This amazing archeological site was the capital of the Galilee during the early lifetime of Jesus. due to its proximity to Nazareth, many believe that this place has significance in the understanding of Jesus. 


the hometown of Jesus. visit the annunciation church, mary's well, mount precipice and much more. 


the place where Jesus performed his first sign and turned water into wine.