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Geopolitical tour of Jerusalem 

While Jerusalem is Israel’s spiritual center, it also remains an undeniable source of heavy political tension. Jerusalem is a flintstone that serves as a microcosm of the conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of the land. Just about every cause of the conflict, as well as its effects, can be witnessed in this one place. On this tour, we will delve deeper into the role Jerusalem plays in the conflict and how it moves and informs it. We will try to understand the social, economic, and political issues that impact the lives of Jerusalem’s residents.


This will include visiting the Security Wall in East Jerusalem, as well as several Palestinian neighborhoods and other key sites that will shed more light on the complexities of Jerusalem. We will also look out across the city from observation points that can help provide a tangible geographical context for the conflict. It is also possible to add in a discussion one-on-one with a political figure or local activist. I invite you to come gain a more thorough understanding of one of the longest unresolved conflicts in the world by viewing it close-up and staring it in the face.

Geopolitical Tour of Jerusalem 

Tour Highlight

Image by Yang Jing

The Separation Wall

Visit the controversial wall which was built by the Israeli government around Jerusalem. 


Damascus Gate

Visit the heart and symbol of East Jerusalem and the Arab community- Damascus gate. 


Rachel's Tomb

Visit the sacred site of Rachel's tomb- An Israeli enclave within Bethlehem. 

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