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In the footsteps of Jesus

Tour Highlight

Image by Stacey Franco

Mount of Olives

Walk along the hillside of 'Mount of Olives' and learn about Jesus's triumphal entry to the city and his ascension. 


Pools of Bethesda

Visit the place where Jesus healed the paralytic man and learned about Jesus's conflicts with the religious authorities of the 1st century.  


Image by David Rodrigo

The Holy Sepulcher 

Visit Christianity's holiest place- the church of the Holy Sepulcher. Learn about the last days of Jesus in Jerusalem.

In the footsteps of Jesus

Our exclusive tour is carefully designed to immerse you in the profound spirituality and historical significance of Christianity in Jerusalem. With a focus on the most significant Christan sites, we invite you to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and witness the places that have shaped the faith for centuries.

We begin atop the revered Mount of Olives, where panoramic views of ancient and modern Jerusalem unfold before your eyes. At this sacred vantage point, we visit the Church of the Ascension, where tradition holds that Jesus ascended to heaven. Nearby, the Church of 'Pater Noster' serves as a reminder of Jesus' teachings of the Lord's Prayer. The tear-shaped Church of Dominus Flevit commemorates the moment when Jesus wept while foreseeing the destruction of Jerusalem, as described in LukeDescending the mount, we approach the Church of All Nations, a tranquil sanctuary situated amidst the Garden of Gethsemane. 

As we cross the timeless Kidron Valley, the Lions Gate welcomes us into the Old City of Jerusalem. Within its ancient stone walls lies the Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus performed the miracle of healing a paralyzed man as described in John.

Together with Christian pilgrims from all corners of the globe, we trace the Via Dolorosa, retracing Jesus' final path to Golgotha, a moving experience that touches the heart and soul.

The climax of our tour awaits at the renowned Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Delve deep into its sacred chambers, where the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus are believed to have taken place. 

This is a soul-stirring journey, where spirituality meets history, and faith intertwines with the profound significance of Jerusalem's heritage. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, experience the devotion of pilgrims, and discover a profound connection to the roots of Christianity in the heart of the Holy Land.


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