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Ein karem

Tour Highlight


St. John Church

Visit the traditional birthplace of John the Baptist and take a look at the archeological excavation below the church.


Visitation church

Visit the special visitation church, commemorating Mary's encounter with Elizabeth, John the Baptist's mother. 

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Mary's spring

Visit the ancient water source of the village. 

 Ein Karem- the birthplace of John the baptist

Though no more than15-minute drive through the forested hills west of Jerusalem, it feels like a world away. Just a breath away from the urban sprawl of the capital city lies the quiet spell of the peaceful village of Ein Karem. Immediately upon arrival, the special atmosphere of Ein Karem washes over you. Its lush greenery, the flamboyant bougainvillea spilling over the stone houses of its resident artists, its burbling springs, and its historical churches and monasteries all combine to create a unique beauty. 


On this tour, we will wander around this gentle town, meander between the natural springs. One in particular is known as Mary’s Well, the site where it is believed that the Virgin Marys believed to have sat and refreshed herself while on a visit to Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. The picturesque nature of Ein Karem has made it a modern hub for artists, and we will peek into their galleries. Naturally, we will visit religiously significant sites in the village including the Church of the Visitation and the shrine marking the birthplace of John the Baptist.


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