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coastal plain

Like the Mediterranean tides, Israel's coastal plain has played host to the ebb and flow of great civilizations. Situated along the arching stretch of coastline are a series of cities holding great significance, both for historic Israel and for the modern-day state.


The remains of the impressive hippodrome and theater, as well as the waves crashing over the remains of its sunken palace, only hint at the former glory of Caesarea, which served as the capital of the country for hundreds of years. Like a thumb, Haifa juts out from the coast, a city known for the beauty and symmetry of the Bahá'í Gardens, as well as its example as a beacon of religious pluralism. Further north still, Acre sprawls out by the shore, its bustling bazaar swirling with the smells of spices and fresh fish, built atop the former Crusader stronghold that centuries later would be the last barrier stopping Napoleon from achieving his goal of conquest.

Tour Highlight


This peaceful city is the religious center of the Baha'i faith and home to many diverse communicates.


visit one of israel's oldest port city and the capital of the "Jerusalem kingdom" of the crusaders.  enjoy the market, port, underground tunnels and more. 


visit one of Israel's impressive archaeological sites and a key site in the history of Christianity.