Sample itineraries for multi-day trips in Israel

10-day Christian tour

Day 1- From the Coast to the Valley

Depart from Tel-Aviv and head to the ancient city of Caesarea, built by Herod the Great in honor of Augustus Caesar and considered the traditional site of Paul's imprisonment before his trial in Rome. The Roman theatre, aqueducts, and Hippodrome serve as a backdrop for the events chronicled in the Book of Acts. We also visit Mount Carmel and Megiddo, one of Israel's most famous biblical sites and the assumed site of Armageddon. Overnight in Nazareth.

Day 2- Explore Nazareth and Cana

 The second day of our tour is a full day in Nazareth and Cana. We will visit the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, followed by a short walk through the quaint Nazareth Market. We will visit the Synagogue where Jesus preached and was rejected by the locals. We’ll sit down with a local shopkeeper who will demonstrate Middle Eastern traditions and cultures through word and song. After crossing the market we will visit the breathtaking Catholic church of Annunciation where we’ll enjoy the unique architecture and the archeological excavations. In the afternoon we go to Nazareth Village, an incredible outdoor museum that depicts life in Nazareth at the time of Jesus. We will conclude the day in Cana- the site of Jesus’s first miracle. 

Day 3-  Explore The Sea of Galilee 

We will depart from Nazareth and drive through Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. We will visit Capernaum, the site of Jesus' teachings and hometown and Tabgha, the believed site of the miracle of the loaves and fish, and the site of a modern church built on the remains of a fourth-century church. We will also visit the Mount of Beatitudes, the traditional site of Jesus' ‘Sermon on the Mount', overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We will also enjoy a beautiful boat tour on the Sea of Galilee.

Day 4-  Along the Jordan Valley  

After checking out from the hotel we will head down to the baptismal site on the Jordan River. We continue our drive through Beit Shean National Park, one of Israel's largest archaeological sites with its ancient archaeological mound and ongoing excavations exposing the vast Roman-Byzantine city. From there, we will continue south along the Jordan Rift Valley and ascend to Jerusalem through the Judean Desert. Just before arriving in Jerusalem, we will stop by the astonishing St. George monastery.

Day 5-  Explore the Holy City of Jerusalem 

This day will be dedicated to Jerusalem’s Old City. We will see the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, we will walk the Stations of the Cross all the way to the Church of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. 

Day 6-  Dive deep into Jerusalem's history 

This day will be dedicated to the ancient sites of Jerusalem. We will visit the City of David, which is the historic core of the city, Davidson’s excavation site with its first-century remnants, and the ‘Herodian quarter’, which allows a glimpse into Jerusalem of the time of Jesus.

Day 7-  Explore Beathleam and Mount of Olives 

We will begin the day with a drive to the beautiful Mount of Olives to behold the breathtaking panorama of the Holy City. Then we descend to Gethsemane with its ancient olive grove and where tradition holds that Jesus prayed prior to his arrest and crucifixion. After lunch on your own, we will visit Bethlehem for an afternoon tour at the church of the Nativity.

Day 8-  To the Desert  

In the early morning we will head to Dead Sea Basin where we will visit Qumran to explore the area where the Dead Sea scrolls were stored for 2000 years. We’ll drive to Masada and ascend this wilderness mountain fortress in a cable car;  we will walk through the remains of the palace, water cisterns and fortifications built by King Herod and hear about the Zealots who lived here until the bitter end. We will conclude the day at the Dead Sea.

Day 9-  More of Jerusalem 

In the morning we will visit the Mount Zion area, which includes the traditional site of the last supper, the tomb of King David and the house of  Caiaphas, the high priest. For the second half of the day, we will head to the Israel Museum to visit the model of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus and the Shrine of the Book. 

Day 10- Jaffa and Tel-Aviv 

After checking out from the hotel we will head to Tel-Aviv. We will visit Jaffa's old city- the historical port, St. Peter church and more!